Father, son and dog drowns at La Mercy beach in KwaZulu-Natal

Image: @_ArriveAlive, Twitter

Rescue officials were dispatched to La Mercy today after being alerted by a local fishermen alerted that a father, son and their dog drowned after experiencing difficulty to swim.

At approximately 12:18 today, local fishermen alerted RUSA about a man (44), his teenage (14) and their dog whom they noticed were experiencing difficulty while swimming along South Beach Road.

Reaction officers and paramedics were immediately dispatched to the scene and on arrival the officers and paramedics discovered the man lying on the surf, he was declared dead at the scene.

An aerial search was then conducted for the teenage boy by the RUSA Robinson R44 Helicopter which lifted from Verulam. After a brief low level search, the pilot in command spotted the boy floating approximately 100 meters away from where he entered the surf.

RUSA paramedics and Netcare 911 retrieved the boy’s body, however he showed no signs of life and was declared dead.

Picture: @_arrivealive, Twitter

It is alleged that the man’s 18-year-old son was with them and also witnessed the incident. The 18-year-old was also swept away but managed to grab hold of rocks and managed to exit the water.

The fishermen who witnessed the incident stated that the father and his teenage son were swimming however seemed to be experiencing difficulty. And in an attempt to rescue its owners, the dog entered the water but consequently drowned too.

The dog’s leash was still attached to its collar at the time of the drowning.

Circumstances surrounding the incident are still unclear and will be further investigated.

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