Convicted killer released after serving 3 months of his 15-year sentence

Picture: Rayen Siveshan Chetty, Facebook

In August 2017, Rayen Chetty killed his girlfriend’s mother by driving over her repeatedly. She succumbed to her injuries and died at the scene. Chetty has appealed his sentence and has been released on  R50 000 bail. 

In an IOL report in September this year, it was reported that the accused was sentenced to a concurrent sentence, 5 years for murder, and 10 years for attempted murder.

Chetty’s legal counsel had handed over a petition to the Durban High Court for him to appeal his sentence and conviction. The publication reported that the convicted killer had been released on R50 000 bail.

The Sheikh family from Chatsworth is distraught. Karima Abdul, the deceased’s sister said, “We were absolutely shocked.”

“We prayed and fought for three years for justice and finally we got it in September, only to be told that he is out again. This is not fair. He did not even spend three months of his sentence in prison and he is out.

“We were just finding some sort of peace and comfort but this takes us back again. We need justice. He can’t be let out because he has money to spend. We will not rest until we get justice again for my sister.”

Speaking to the publication, Umesh Jivan, a practising attorney and the former president of the KZN Law Society, explained that the accused had every right to make the appeal.

He said “An appeal is a normal procedure open to all people found guilty and sentenced. First, he can appeal at a provincial level and thereafter take it to the Supreme Court of Appeal. However, it does not necessarily mean the new judge will offer a more lenient conviction.”

When asked to comment on the matter, National Prosecuting Authority Spokesperson, Natasha Kara, deferred the matter to the Department of Correctional Services. The Department was not prepared to comment.