Constable takes own life after shooting 5-month-old daughter and father of her child


In Embalenhle, 28-year-old female police constable is alleged to have shot the father of her child and her five-month-old daughter before turning the gun on herself.

In a statement released on Sunday, the Provincial Commissioner of the South African Police Service in Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma, has appealed to SAPS members to seek further help if there are domestic problems they are faced with than taking matters into their own hands.

This comes after reports that the constable shot herself after shooting her five-month-old daughter and the 33-year-old father of the child at Embalenhle near Secunda on Saturday, 13 February.

“Police, as well as the medical personnel, were notified about the incident and upon arrival, the woman was certified dead at the scene meanwhile her daughter, as well as the father of her child, were taken to a nearby clinic where the man, unfortunately, passed on upon arrival. The little girl though was transferred to hospital after being stabilized but later died,” Brigadier Leonard Hlathi reports.

A case with two counts of murder and an inquest has since been registered.

Lieutenant General Zuma says that this tragedy could have been avoided if the people involved accessed professional help to deal with their problems.

Zuma says that the police has an Employee Health and Wellness where SAPS members can receive professional support for free, as they are paid by the state, and has encouraged members to utilise it to relieve some of the pressures they may face.