Bheki Cele implores police to ‘use deadly force’ if needed when dealing with criminals

Picture: Twitter @SAPoliceService

Speaking at the Safer Festive Season Inspection Tour in Kimberley, Northern Cape on Monday, 21 December 2020, Minster of Police Bheki Cele has implored law enforcement to be firm with criminals over the festive season, TimesLive reports.

Cele stated: “It’s important to be hard on criminals. You have no reason to have a relationship with hardcore criminal.”

“When criminals go for cash heists they prepare. One part of the preparation is to eliminate whoever is in their way. That is why bank and house robbers do not carry broomsticks and feather dusters, they carry hard stuff. That’s why we give you hard stuff.”

According to Cele, deadly force is written within police laws and officers should start putting such laws into action. However, Cele notes that his comments should not be misinterpreted as a reason for police officers to be brutal, but simply that police too have human rights and should be “sharp and wise” when protecting themselves and enforcing the law.

In the report, Cele went on to state: “Do not smile when a criminal pulls a gun because that gun is not going to produce a picture. There is no selfie from a firearm.”

“When criminals engage you and the dust settles and we pick up the pieces, it cannot be you. It must be criminals. They must learn to think a hundred times before they attack the police.”

He thus urged officers of the law to treat good civilians with humanity but to be tough on criminals.

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