12-year-old Boy Loses Mother in Gang Violence

12-year-old Mikail lost his 37-year-old mother, Abigail Eland, when she was killed in a gunfight between two rival gangs on Sunday.

The Daily Voice reports that Abigail had been visiting friends in Gail court while Mikail, spent the day at the beach with family.

Witnesses claim that a brawl at a nightclub caused members of the two gangs to engage in a fight in the area. It is believed that the shooter had put a gun through the window and shot Abigail in her back. The witness says that it is unknown to her why their flat was targeted, as no gangsters were at the residence.

A family friend said that Abigail was a friendly woman who loved people and always had a smile on her face. Her 69-year-old mother, Mary, said that the family is in shock and that her grandson is very traumatised. He was told of his mother’s death when he arrived home from the beach. According to IOL, Mary said: “I saw he hid her sandals and when I asked him, he cried and said that is all he has left of his mother.”

No arrests have been made at this stage. Police are urging anyone with information to please come forward.


  1. Ai mense. My heart is broken for this poor boy. How unfair that he now has to go through life without a mother’s guidance, because some gangster wanted to prove the size of his Ballas in some real or imagined slight to his fragile ego. Stupid. Tragic. Unnecessary. I’m so sorry mase kind.

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