Mitchell’s Plain Loses Its Oldest Cash and Carry Store


Winners Cash and Carry, Mitchell’s Plain’s oldest bulk buy store, has closed its doors for good on Wednesday 7 October.

Winners Cash & Carry was a family run business synonymous for its affordable prices. The store has serviced the community for 21 years. This week, however, the family released a statement with heavy hearts and immense sadness, informing the public that the store would be closing its doors, indefinitely. According to the family’s statement a new cash and carry with new owners is set to open soon in the now vacant premises.

When, the owner and founder of the Winners Group, Mr Hamza Essack-Parker, fondly known as, “The Voice of Winners” passed away in June this year, the family had some difficult decisions to make. The Winners group owns both a supermarket and the cash and carry. However, given the current state of the economy, the unfortunate decision to close the cash and carry made the most business sense as they can no longer sustain both stores.

Rashied Khan, the Winners Supermarket manager described the stalwart, Mr Hamza Essack-Parker, as someone who “…showed that to be successful, one had to sacrifice.”

Khan said the closure of the cash and carry can be seen as a sacrifice the family had to make to ensure the longevity and continued success of their brand.

The Supermarket is still operating and promises to continue the Winners legacy of bringing the locals great deals all year round.


  1. It’s sad to see how our people lost out in business but Algamdulila thank god winners won’t be forgotten as the people will still support the family I was just in the store 2day but couldn’t find anything I was looking for but will always pop in there 1st to check

  2. Slm.
    Being a customer at winners from the start love to shop their for their great specials and of course to.see Mr Parker with his friendly smile.
    Also the.staff that has being their for many years was like family.

    However I was in their over this weekend at winners and its sad to.see the shop looked like a.warehouse few customers and hardly any staff.
    Is this winners if it is I miss the old winners.

    • Why doesn’t the family not reveal the whole truth.

      Why is it when shame and ugly side of life comes out then most of us as human tries to brush it off.

      The owner of Winners Cash and Carrier did have a Heart attack because someone either a family member or someone who knows about the lots of money … maybe an employee. Someone stole the money.

      No fear; no favour.

      Say it like it is.

      Newspapers do your investigations properly please dont sugar coat things.

      And I’m not rejoicing guys.

      A spade is a spade . It is what it is.

      From Lentegeur
      Mitchells Plain

  3. It is indeed vyr, very sad to hear of the closure of the Winners Cash and Carry. I wish to send my sincere thanks and appreciation to the management of the Winners group for their years of unconditional sponsorship/donations to various community educational and community initiatives. Your generosity to support community initiatives will always be remembered. Thank you very much.

  4. Sad to hear I was in the store last week and it was empty… I’m really gonna miss Winners… The family was real winners… Winners of a community that loved to shop at Winners I drove all the way from Strandfontein all the years to shop at Winners.. Gonna miss you Winners😢

  5. My biggest fear has come true
    Living in Mitchell’s Plain 28 years and a loyal customer when we heard the sad news it was a huge shock and reading more news the cash and carry another blow
    Throughout the year I would buy all sorts of sweets and post it to friends and family in Joburg
    I promised myself that next week I need to go and but those soar plum sweets seems like i have missed out
    Thank you once again to Winners management for caring and Catering for the community

  6. Slm
    It is really sad to see how business went downhill after the death of Mr Parker.
    His daily efforts and commitment showed many how to maintain a business.
    Others think business is all about making money but all they need to do is look into the life of Mr Parker and see that it was all about the customers and that made his Business flourish.
    All the best to the family and Goodluck.

  7. Its very sad to hear that Winners cash an carry will be closing its doors.I’ve been to the supermarket a couple of times over the lockdown and could slowly see the supply of stock dwindling.I thought to myself that if the store closes,where else would I other shop has everything I need in one store.I was very worried but continued to go back even though I left winners with fewer bags.its very sad and I hope in time they’ll be able to run the business as they used to with customers aplenty on their doorstep.goodluck for the future.

  8. This is very sad news😪 as a child I walked to winners every day for my mom and neighbors in Lentegeur, And that was the only place I did my shopping every month as an adult now. I lived in Ceres and came once a month to do my shopping. I moved back closer to home. And drove from Bellville to shop at my favorite childhood store, This was the only store that had everything in one place. You left with trolley’s for a very good price. If you went to other normal franchises you come out with 3 bags for the same amount. So winners owned up to there brand name.

    During lockdown I saw the store was getting emptier, but thought it was because of the lockdown. By hearing this news it brakes my heart.

    Mnr Parker was very friendly with the rest of management. You knew everyone and everyone knew you if you step into the store.

    I wish the family all the best in this time. You will never be forgotten. You were the heart of “MITCHELLS PLAIN COMMUNITY” And will always be. Thank you very much! We salute you!

  9. I salute the owners of winners for being there for the disadvantaged community of the Plain. It is with great sadness that you have tried your utmost best to keep the store alive with your low low prices of fresh stock and I am sure to have you made this decision was a massive challenge. I also know that when you made these decisions you had the community in mind and the repercussions of how it will impact the people of the Plain. With all of this in mind I still want to congratulate you for being of great service to us. It,s just so sad in this economic climate that it must always happen to people of colour that do so much for us. I SALUTE YOU

  10. Slm..the first thing I would check in the plainsman is for what Winners had on special I simply loved the supermarket and will continue to support it..

  11. Can’t believe our winners is closing, ery sad and thats all shop I’m shopping at….hope winners family will come back soon!!! May the Lord uplift them in every area in their lives, stay prayerful

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