Mbalula Announces Changes to Transport Regulations


On Friday Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula announced changes to the regulations governing the transport industry.

Mbalula said his department has taken note of the interventions implemented since the beginning of the lockdown.

He said with the taxi industry being informal, it makes it difficult to offer financial assistance during the lockdown.

Mbalula continued to say that he’s currently in the process of looking at the structure and the regulation of the industry.

The minister reminded the country that the COVID-19 pandemic is unfamiliar and requires change to regulations in response to the conditions on the ground.

He explained the adjustment of capacity to taxis and the change in the operating times of busses and taxis was informed by the changing conditions.

Mbalula asked South Africans to shop close to where they live, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

“This week we allowed busses and taxis to operate throughout the day in order to accommodate those who receive social grants. This concession expires [Friday],” the minister said.

As of Saturday, taxis are not allowed on the roads between 10am and 4pm. 

In his announcement the minster said some travel restrictions will be loosened to allow foreign nationals to be repatriated and allow South African travellers to re-enter the country.

All citizens returning to SA will be subjected to a mandatory quarantine period of up to 21 days.