Man Dies After Being Hit by Plane’s Wing at Graskop Air Strip


According to a SAPS media statement, a 27-year-old man died on Monday after an aeroplane’s wing reportedly hit him while it was landing at the Graskop Air Strip.

The statement reads, “According to information, four men employed by a Graskop based construction company were on their way to work and were allegedly utilising the Graskop Air Strip runway. Whilst on the runway, a PA 28-181 model size aeroplane’s wing hit the man during landing.”

Police and medical personnel were called to the scene immediately, however, the victim was declared dead on arrival.

A preliminary investigation shows that before the incident occurred, the victim shouted and warned his fellow colleagues to move out of the way as the aeroplane was about to land.

“The report has also indicated that the four men, including the victim, are from Gauteng and came to Graskop for employment.”

The Civil Aviation Authority was notified about the incident and they will launch an investigation into the cause of the accident.