Man arrested for breaking curfew to buy formula for newborn to sue SAPS


On Monday it was announced that Naas Le Roux, who was arrested earlier this month for breaking curfew to buy formula milk for his newborn, would be taking legal action against the South African Police Service.

According to an AfriForum statement, Le Roux was arrested on 7 January at approximately 01:00 in the morning, about 250m from his home. This was after Le Roux had returned from buying formula for his newborn baby at the Clicks pharmacy at the Unitas hospital, in Centurion.

Le Roux’s wife, Natasha, and the baby were discharged from hospital on 7 January. Natasha was experiencing problems with breastfeeding and Le Roux had to drive to the emergency pharmacy to purchase formula.

Le Roux claimed that the police officers were very aggressive and would not listen to his reasoning for breaking curfew, despite showing them the receipt to prove his purchase. He was, however, able to contact his wife, who allegedly walked to their car with the newborn to fetch the formula.

Natasha then had to drive home with the newborn on her lap. After feeding the baby, Natasha allegedly then went to the police station after the officers told her she could follow them to pay her husband’s bail.

However, upon arrival, it is claimed that a warrant officer told her that she had to return home immediately otherwise she would also be arrested.

Le Roux’s legal representative, Lily Rautenbach, says that they would be making a civil claim against the police and other authorities. Rautenbach said that further details about their case would be made available at a later stage.

While Le Roux expressed relief that the charges were dropped, he added that an apology is not enough to provide a solution to the situation.