Man arrested for attempted murder after driving over 79-year-old man


In the early hours of 13 March 2021, 79-year-old Tamsanqa Jusayi was grievously injured when a suspect drove over him at high speed. The incident occurred in front of the victim’s house in Motherwell.

Detective Warrant Officer Jungli successfully traced the vehicle and it was determined that it was registered to an ex-girlfriend of Jusayi’s son. It was further revealed that her nephew drove the vehicle on the night of the incident.

The 43-year-old nephew was arrested on Friday by the Motherwell police officers. According to SAPS, it is believed that the suspect arrived at Mr. Jusayi’s house demanding to see his son. Mr. Jusayi told the suspect that his son, Lubabalo was asleep. Upon hearing this, the suspect left. Shortly after Mr. Jusayi and Lubabalo went outside and stood in front of the house.

The suspect returned and proceeded to drive at a high speed with his vehicle in an attempt to run them over.

Lubabalo managed to get out of the way, but Mr. Jusayi was hit and driven over by the vehicle, after which the suspect then sped away.

“Mr Lusayi was admitted with serious injuries at Livingstone Hospital and an attempted murder case was opened,” reported Captain Andre Beetge.

The nephew was arrested on Friday and is expected to appear in Motherwell Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 29 March 2021.