Man (32) arrested and charged for murder of wife (53) and burying her in shallow grave

Picture: Supplied

On Friday 8 January, a man from Polokwane was arrested for allegedly killing his wife and then burying her in a shallow grave inside their shack.

SAPS was alerted when members of the community discovered the woman’s body. They were heard fighting on the evening of Tuesday and residents became concerned when they noticed no movement in the yard on the following day.

On Thursday morning, 07 January 2021, residents in the area decided to investigate. Upon entering the premises traces of bloodstains were allegedly seen through the window of the house.

SAPs reported that community members were hit with a pungent smell coming from a shack that had been erected in front of the house.

They forcefully opened the door of the shack when there was no response to their calls, and this is when they discovered the shallow grave dug inside their shack at Nwadzekudzeku village.

When the police arrived, the body of the deceased was immediately exhumed from the shallow grave. The manhunt for the suspect was launched and ended yesterday morning in the arrest of the 32-year-old man. The motive for the murder is unknown at this point.

Lieutenant General Nneke Ledwaba the Provincial Commissioner of police in Limpopo, has rebuked the incident. Stating that it is one of the horrendous crimes perpetrated against women.

General Ledwaba said, “The arrest of this suspect and the actions that were taken by the local residents are commendable and should send a clear message that perpetrators of gender-based violence and Femicide will not have any place to hide. We therefore urge our communities to continue working with the police by reporting crimes that take place in their localities.”

The suspect will appear in Giyani magistrate court on 11 January 2021, on charges of murder.

It is believed that the deceased reigns from Kwamashu in KZN. Her family is still being traced and her identity can thus not be revealed.

VK News previously reported on the 44-year-old woman’s decomposing body found in her boyfriend’s backyard. This is the second incident in a week.