Make Your Own Mask with #10millionmasks


#10MillionMasks has created a website to encourage South Africans to make their own masks, in an effort to reserve medical masks for healthcare workers.

The organisation is a collaboration between creative agencies wanting to make a difference.

On their website, you can find a downloadable mask sewing template. You will need an old t-shirt, cotton thread and sewing elastic (about 1,6m).

  • Using the template, cut four pieces of fabric to size.
  • For the front of the mask, sew two pieces together along the curved side.
  • Do the same for the back of the mask with the other two pieces.
  • Place one side of the mask on the table and seam side down, to sew in the elastics.
  • Place an elastic on each corner with the ends slightly over the edges.
  • Now sew them into place.
  • Pull all the elastic cords over to the right side.
  • Then place the other mask on top, seam side up, putting the elastics on top of each other.
  • Sew the two masks together but leave the right side of the mask unsewn.
  • Now turn the mask inside-out and pull the elastics through the unsewn hole.
  • Once that’s done, sew the gap closed and then you’re done.

Visit the #10millionmasks website to get the mask template, request for masks or donate funds.