Looters Target Homes of Fleeing Knysna Residents


As knysna residents flee for their lives, criminals use the disaster to enrich theirs.

CAPE TOWN – Homes that have been evacuated in Knysna -because of the fires- have been looted by opportunists.
Knysna residents who have already been dealing with the realisation that their properties may be in danger of being destroyed, have to now contend with the fact that looters may be targeting their evacuated homes too.
Up to 10 000 residents had to flee their homes overnight while fires continue to spread through the Western Cape coastal town.
There have already been four arrested who were in possession of items that police suspect are from the properties of fleeing residents.
Amidst the rapidly spreading fires, South African Police spokesperson Captain Malcom Pojie, has stated that police officer numbers in Knysna and surrounding areas have already been increased. This follows the arrest of suspects in possession of furniture and electronic goods that may be linked to abandoned properties in the area.