Local Entrepreneurs Develop Coronavirus Testing Kits

Picture: Twitter, @daniel_ndima

University of the Western Cape alumni, Dineo Lioma and Daniel Ndima have developed testing kits which fast paces the detection of the coronavirus.

The kits, called qPCR testing kits, are able to present results within 65 minutes of testing. These quick results will help in gaining a clearer picture of how many people are infected.

Ndima also believes that it will ease South Africa’s dependence on imported kits by meeting the demand, avoiding trade barriers imposed on kits.

Once the kits are assessed and approved, they will be available for use from June.

Lioma is a qualified engineer who holds a Masters Degree in Micro and Nanotechnology Enterprise from Cambridge and a Masters Degree in Materials Engineering from Wits. Ndima specialises in structural biology and obtained his Master of Science specialising in Biochemistry from the University of Pretoria.