Level 4 Lockdown Regulations Announced

Source: Unsplash

In a media briefing on Saturday, Ministers Ebrahim Patel and Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma announced a breakdown of what will be available during the Level 4 lockdown regulations starting 1 May.

At the briefing, the ministers announced that they considered the risk of transmission, the effect of a sector being closed, the sector’s contribution to the whole economy and its socioeconomic impact.

The following products may be sold:

Wholesale & Retail

  • Food, hygiene and cleaning products, babycare and stationery
  • Winter clothing and bedding
  • Medical supplies
  • Fuel, coal, wood, gas and tobacco
  • Hardware supplied
  • Vehicle components
  • Chemicals and packaging


  • L4 products and paper
  • Construction material
  • Automotive manufacturing and components
  • Petroleum smelters, refineries and furnaces

Transport and Logistics

  • E-hailing services
  • Public transport services
  • Cargo for domestic and neighbouring countries


  • Online services and livestreaming
  • Newspapers
  • Productions for local broadcast

Repair and Emergency Services

  • Vehicle recovery services
  • Emergency car repairs
  • Emergency repair work inclusive of plumbers, electricians, glaziers and roof locksiths

Information and Communications

  • ICT equipment and airtime
  • Postal services and courier services for medical products and L4 services

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

  • Food agriculture and services
  • Exportation of agriculture
  • Fishing operations
  • Harvesting and storage activites
  • Flori-culture and forestry

Mining and Quarrying

  • Eskom’s coal production
  • Open-cast mining
  • All electricity, gas and water supply


  • Civil engineering and construction for public works projects
  • Critical maintenance and repairs

Accommodation and Food Service

  • Food delivery (no sit-in allowed)
  • Isolation and quarantine accommodation allowed

Domestic Support

  • Live-in staff and support for L4 personnel

Health and Welfare

  • Essential staff from trade union
  • Social work, care and relief
  • Funeral and cremation services
  • Veterinary services
  • Sanitation, pest control, sewerage and refuse removal

Finance and Business

  • Private security
  • Some call centres
  • Essential financial services
  • Pay-roll related workers
  • Support for L4 services

The following is not allowed:

  • Local or inter-provincial travel
  • Concerts, cinemas or public gatherings
  • Alcohol
  • Air or sea travel

People are expected to continue wearing cloth masks and practicing social distancing.