Lesotho Announces Easing of Lockdown


On Tuesday the Prime Minister of Lesotho, Thomas Thabane, announced via television broadcast that the country would be easing its lockdown starting Wednesday.

Schools and tertiary institutions will be opened gradually, while state companies and public offices will operate during limited hours. Church gatherings will now be limited to a maximum of 50 people. Certain businesses have also been allowed to reopen.

More than 13 000 citizens said that they were deserted in South Africa and in need of basic needs. The Prime Minister said that, along with the International Organisation for Migration, Lesotho plans to supply food and other essentials to these stranded citizens.

There has also been concern about citizens who are trying to enter the country via unauthorised borders. On Monday the Lesotho army reported that 18 citizens managed to get back into the country with the help of officials and that they were screening them.

Thabane said testing on the 18 citizens will start soon. He encouraged people to continue wearing their masks when they leave home.

According to reports, Lesotho is currently the only African country that has not reported a single case of Covid-19.