UWC law students donate sanitary pads to local primary schools

Picture: Street Law Uwc, Facebook

‘Tis the season of giving! This is exactly what Street Law – a group of law students from the University of the Western Cape – did when they donated sanitary pads to a few local primary schools.

“We are a group that pride ourselves on taking law to those who don’t have access to it and also aim to be practical by dealing with issues on the ground such as sanitary needs,” said Heinz Hartzenberg, a final-year law student and chairperson of the group.

The group partnered with two sponsors – Jolene Samuels and Mariam Baderoon, says the Daily Voice. They started the initiative in July this year and have since helped eight schools.

1339 girls with a six-month supply, adding up to 8034 packs of pads

“…a grand goal of 1339 kids were given sanitary towels, and 1339 kids’ right to human dignity was restored and protected,” said Hartzenberg to the publication. “It’s 1339 girls with a six-month supply, which adds up to 8034 packs of pads.”

Samuels explains that the initiative is funded by “kind people from the public” who believe in their cause.

Samuels also said, “Our sanitary pad drive is very personal to me. I know how humiliating it is to menstruate as a teen and not have access to sanitary pads. I absolutely love that I am able to turn my pain into something positive.”

According to the publication, Hartzenberg said, “Too many of our learners are staying at home due to their inability to afford sanitary towels.

“This is a direct violation of their right to human dignity and blocks their right to access education.”

Samuels added that due to COVID-19, many do not have the means to buy food and are left with the difficult decision of choosing to buy food or a packet of pads.