Soli Philander and Springfield Matters throw matric ball party for seven District Six matriculants

Picture: Soli Philander, Facebook

On Saturday, Soli Philander, along with members of Springfield Matters treated seven matriculants from Springfield Terrace in District Six to a matric ball bash.

Philander told the Daily Voice, “Every year, within this community, the matric ball is a major event. The matrics get treated like celebrities, people come outside their homes and cheer for the matrics.”

The matric ball was planned during the pandemic, said Philander.

“With Covid-19, it wasn’t going to happen for them this year with their schools cancelling matric balls.”

Philander said he saw how unhappy the matriculants were when they heard that they would not be able to have a matric ball. “… my fellow member Sharon van Schoor said ‘Why the hell can’t we just do something nice for them?'”

Philander also said, “The people of Springfield Matters all come together because they have that passion to work together and assist, that’s how we roll here.

“The matrics get to appreciate their value and worth to their community, to see how much they are appreciated and cared for.”

The seven learners were each sponsored with an outfit and car. They were also treated to a three-course meal at Extreme Kwizeen in Mowbray, arranged by van Schoor.

Resident Faeeza Ryklief provided personalised cakes with their faces on it, while DJ Uncle Cal kept them entertained, states the publication.

“I couldn’t stand the fact that these hardworking kids would be left to remember their matric year just for Covid-19 and not a matric ball,” said van Schoor.


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