Rudi Vannie Cafda Het ’n Hât Van Goud

Rudi Jackson (36) vannie Lotus River is the Recreation Promotion Officer at the Lavender Hill Recreation Centre, he also runs the Weltevreden Valley Core Recreation Centre in Samora Machel.

At these centres, Rudi and his team offer fun activities and games for all children in the surrounding areas. Rudi says: “The centres always need help, whether it’s funds or time spent with the children, ek gebryk wat ek het ommie wêk klaa te maak, ek moet sometimes die geld deel tussenie centres of even yt my eie sak yt gie”

Rudi has recently completed the Extended Education Practitioner Training Program at the University of Stellenbosch. He was part of the top 5 students within his class and was chosen to go to the USA next year as an exchange student.

Rudi worked for 11 years at Chrysalis Academy, a youth development organization dealing with troubled youth, he also served on the board of Stop Hunger Now, Cape Town.

Rudi Jackson grew up in Cafda Village in Retreat, with his parents who are both retired from the South African Navy. He says with pride, “I had great role models growing up, they taught me how to be a caring person. I want to carry on with my parents’ legacy and live to serve”