Netflix and The National Film and Video Foundation join forces to fund local filmmakers


If you are an avid storyteller and dream of having your story on the stream screen, here is your chance. The NFVF and Netflix have signed a partnership to fund local filmmakers.

The agreement will see R28 million pooled together, enabling the production of 6 South African feature films. The 100% funding is an attempt to boost the recovery of SA’s creative industry.

Many productions, locally and internationally, had to be halted/postponed due Covid-19 global lockdowns. The partnership will see 6 local films funded, categorised into 2 streams: 4 feature films with a budget of R4 million each and two feature films with a budget of R6 million each.

● Stream 1: Four Feature Films by emerging filmmakers capped at R4 000 000

● Stream 2: Fictional Feature Films by established filmmakers capped at R6 000 000

“The past year has been incredibly difficult with the pandemic hitting so many industries around the world. The creative community, that we are a part of, has supported us through the good times so we want to help them continue to create the stories our members love through the $1 million Covid Relief Fund contribution we started last year in collaboration with SASFED and IPO to help below-the-line workers in South Africa’s creative industry and now, we’re excited to take this a step further with this joint fund with NFVF for above-the-line talent,” says Netflix’s Director of Content in Africa, Ben Amadasun.

More details will be available at or @nfvfsa on all social media platforms.

The submission portal is to go live on 1 April 2021.


  1. I wish to apply for this because I have many stories from the stories of our history as Zulus and what is happening recently in South Africa but my problem is the way of applying from the forms and so forth. I think for me as someone in rural area its not easy though I am a disadvantaged citizen.

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