Mother City chosen to participate in global artwork initiative


The Mother City has been chosen as one of the cities to participate in the Beyond Walls, a global artwork initiative.

There are 30 cities participating in the initiative and Cape Town is the 9th city asked to join.

The Premier, Alan Winde, said that these pieces of art connect us with the rest of the world and placing them strategically around the city such as in Sea Point, Langa and Phillipi further link us to the spaces within our own city.

“As a province, we market ourselves as the Tech Capital of Africa, but we are also home to an incredibly vibrant community of creative artists. Being chosen by a world-renowned artist like Saype to host his artworks in three spaces in our city is a huge honour and further cements our reputation as a creative capital,” said the Premier.

Picture: @saypeartiste, Facebook

The artist Saype, was assisted and supported by over 50 local professionals and artists, adding to the global reach of this piece. The piece will be unveiled just ahead of the International Public Art Festival (IPAF) which takes place in Cape Town in February.

Saype, was equally excited about the addition of Cape Town to the list of cities and his Facebook post said:

“Cape Town, warmly known as the Mother City, represents the ninth step of my worldwide artistic project “Beyond Walls”. Striving to overcome and recover from the dark time of apartheid, South Africa constitutes a crucial milestone for “Beyond Walls”. The gigantic hands, painted in three different places of the city, symbolize the reconciling will of Nelson Mandela by linking, beyond social and economic inequalities, the three districts of Sea Point, Philippi and Langa.

Picture: @saypeartiste, Facebook

“I therefore hope that my artworks may be a modest contribution to reconcile humans at the heart of a city still healing it’s wounds.”

IPAF is an open-air exhibition that showcases new and existing Cape Town Street art. Locals and visitors can opt for guided or non-guided tours through the exhibition. The festival provides a safe way to support our local talent and creative economy.

“Covid-19 and the lockdown has been a difficult time for many artists, performers galleries and cultural attractions and I urge residents to support this sector however they can,” concluded Premier Winde.


  1. Why is the first time I, an artist, has heard about this initiative? May I ask how much the artist was paid for this, and how much the local artists were paid who assisted in this work? Mmmmm I thought not, wonder die komberse were ne?

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