Faldie Ignites Garden Trend in Bonteheuwel

In March 2019, Faldie Mosoval vannie Bontas, started a garden outside his home. The garden was not only to clean up the dumping site that was forming on the piece of land, it was also a place to teach the community’s kids how to do gardening, keeping them busy and off the streets.

He uses water from the canal opposite his house to water the garden, he says “daa is n anne tipe protein in dai wate”

Faldie regularly cooks for his community and gives back where he can, he also offers the children the opportunity to use the Wi-Fi at his home.

His garden started a trend, two of his neighbours started their own little gardens. His dream is to have the strip next to the canal become a garden strip and not a dumping site, slowly but surely making Bonteheuwel a leafy suburb too. 



  1. This guy is an inspiration to his community and may he be blessed abundently.

  2. Which street in Bonteheuwel does he reside it? I’d love to do an interview with him for the local community newspaper.

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