Down Syndrome activist and model Shumeez Scott: Feed them, leave the party

Picture: @shumeezscott, Facebook

On Monday 30 November, Shumeez Scott turned 21 years old and instead of a lavish affair, Shumeez opted to feed 200 children from Elsies River.

The Shumeez Scott Foundation (SSF) is a registered NPO focussing on individuals with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities. Founder Shumeez has down syndrome is an activist and model.

Bahia, Shumeez’s mother, told The Daily Voice that the family had planned a big party to celebrate the milestone, but on Shumeez’s request cancelled the party as she had a different plan.

Bahia said, “She wanted to give back to the community, it’s what her heart wanted. She thought about those who don’t have food, it was her desire to take care of them and their needs, instead of her own party.”

“We planned to have a big party for Shumeez. She is our miracle child and we aim to give her the best we can, but she changed up the whole thing and said, ‘Mummy, use the party money and buy food for the hungry children, feed them, leave the party’.”

Challenging societal norms and inspiring others to do the same.

In 2018 Shumeez won the Magnificent Women Icon (MWI) Phenomenal International Pageant for Special Needs People held in Gambia. It was after her success at the International Pageant that Shumeez started her foundation.  She is contracted to Ace Model Agency International. Shumeez is challenging societal norms and inspiring others to do the same.

Picture:@shumeezscott, Facebook

Bahia told The Daily Voice how proud she is of her daughter.  She said, “Many people said Shumeez will never be part of society because of her Down Syndrome. She never let that get her down, she never let her disability stop her from becoming a model, an international pageant titleholder, ambassador, a role model, but most importantly being who she wants to be and not what people perceived her to be.”

The birthday girl said that she enjoyed the performances and the time she spent with the kids. The crowd was entertained by the Power Generation Foundation.

The family has planned another food drive this weekend in Mitchells Plain.