Aangename Kennis, Early B.

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Cape Town – Earl Swartz, or more commonly known as Early B, has had quite an exciting few months. From receiving awards to signing a record deal with Universal Music South Africa and now releasing his album titled Aangename Kennis.
Although it may seem like these achievements were easy, Early B says many sleepless nights were involved. He regards himself as a deep person and says that his songwriting reflects his life’s experiences. He sees it as being therapeutic because it allows him to deal with the many emotions that situations can bring up.
He aims to live his best life in the 24 hours each day brings. “It is important to share happiness wherever you are and that is why you will hear a slight laugh in my songs,” he says.
Early B’s parents were his biggest mentors growing up. When he left his mechanical engineering studies to pursue his music career, they encouraged him and told him that he must be the best out there. In the industry, everyone is his mentor and he believes that each person teaches him something.
He describes Bloemendal – where he grew up – as the ‘darkest, brightest place in Port Elizabeth’. The Dal taught him to appreciate people and their diversity. Furthermore, it taught him to respect everyone as that respect will be shown in return.
As a trailblazer in the Afrikaans Hip-Hop industry, he has attracted attention from record companies to rymklets performances at major festivals. This attention was lacking in former years. Early B says that he now wants to open as many doors as possible with the resources he has.
Rapping in vernacular Afrikaans is important to him because it shows his authenticity. ‘Jy praat net soos jy is, jy wiet,’ he remarked. It is this authenticity that allows many within his audience to relate to his music and ultimately to him.
His latest single Ben Ten- tells a story of a guy who finds himself in the company of a cougar trying to get his attention. He says that the music video – releasing on 10 August – will be a fun, colourful display of dance, set in Pretville.
When asked about his favourite traditional Cape food, Early B ranked Wembley’s mutton salomie as a must have, every time he visits Cape Town.
While speaking to him it is clear that the combination of his humility, focus, and hard work is what makes this bra from vannie Dal so successful.
Check out his latest music video:

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