Knysna Couple Makes Full Recovery From COVID-19


It has been reported that Knysna Ward 10 Councilor, Peter Myers and his wife, Candace Myers have completely recovered from the Coronavirus and are feeling “absolutely normal” describes IOL.

Candace told the Knysna-Plett Herald that for the first time after getting the Coronavirus she could taste the lemon in their hot lemon, honey and ginger mix and she could taste the vanilla in the yoghurt. She added, “These are things we take for granted under normal circumstances.”

The Myers couple tested positive for the Coronavirus after they attended their godson’s wedding in Switzerland and went sightseeing in Prague and Vienna.

According to the Knysna-Plett Herald, the couple arrived back home on 13 March and went directly into self-isolation as a precautionary measure. They started showing symptoms and tests later confirmed that they had COVID-19.

Facebook: Candace Myers

Candace said they had terrible fevers and body pain between days 8 and 9. Peter also developed a chest infection and became short of breath. She said, “It was a dark and awful place we found ourselves in. We are very happy to be alive.”

Councilor Myers told IOL, “the sooner we take this seriously and adhere to the lockdown the quicker we will get out of this. Any delay or refusal to adhere to the lockdown will have devastating consequences and no one will be able to escape these consequences.”