King Madzikane II and Khusela Diko Respond To Corruption Allegations in Joint Statement

Source: Facebook, Khusela Diko

On Wednesday, owner of Royal Bhaca Projects (RBP), AmaBhaca King Madzikane II and his wife Presidency spokesperson, Khusela Diko, released a joint statement responding to corruption allegations after an R125m personal protective equipment (PPE) tender was granted to RBP.

The statement reads, “Although there was no corruption in the bidding and subsequent awarding of the PPE contract to Royal Bhaca Projects, we accept that years of cronyism have created an environment of mistrust and suspicion when individuals, who are close to political office and influence, are seen to be benefiting from the State in ways that may be unethical,”

The pair says that they have cancelled the contract hoping to rectify the situation. They say that RBP wanting to work with the Department was an error of judgement.

In response to their friendship with Gauteng Health MEC Dr Bandile Masuku and City of Johanessburg mayco member, Loyiso Lugayeni-Masuku, the couple says, “We reiterate and emphasise that at no point did we discuss the extension of our family ties to benefits that will accrue from public sector procurement,”

The King further listed some of his qualifications and previous work experiences and highlights that many of them have been in senior management and includes work for the national government. He says that due to this he earned every position through correct procedures and did not rely on political influences.

“However, in the interests of ethical leadership and accountability and following the example set by iNdlovukazi Khusela Diko, I will resign as an Independent Audit Committee member of the Joburg Market as this appointment itself has now become mired in controversy. This is to save the Market and the City from any further undue public scrutiny,” he says.

Regarding Royal Bhaca Projects, the King says that he has not received a public allowance from the State and chose to conduct private business to further his entrepreneurial experience and serve his community which he describes as largely poor and socio-economically marginalised.

The King concludes the statement by saying, “I deeply regret that these efforts to earn an honest living and improve the wellbeing of my people are now mired in controversy, having not achieved its core objective. I am firmly focused on successfully leading amaBhaca and rewarding their trust in my leadership.”