Youth vannie Elsies start food garden for their community

Picture: Supplied

A youth group from a registered NPO called Hope God’s Gift For All (HGGFA) in Trinity Place, Elsies River banned together to start a food garden for their community.

“I love to feed our community as we have a poor community, and it breaks my heart to see a hungry child,” said the founder and director of the organisation, Ingrid Davids, to VK News. Davids continued to say that she was “so proud” of the HGGFA youth for taking the initiative to start the food garden, which started at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The organisation comprises of about 40 dedicated youth members, with four board members.

18-year-old Geronimo De Klerk, the secretary of HGGFA, told VK News that so far the youth has planted potatoes, beetroots, broad beans, lemons and pumpkins. “We don’t have any more resources to plant other vegetables.”

De Klerk described living in Elsies as being quite difficult. “There’s no one who really comes out to Elsies to support [the community], except the organisations in Elsies River like Inspire Network, Equilibrium and Hope God’s Gift For All.”

If you would like to lend a helping hand to HGGFA, contact Geronimo De Klerk at 078 901 8735 or email or