Winde says Western Cape considers further local restrictions


Discussions to place stricter health and safety restrictions in the Western Cape are at play as a resurgence of COVID-19 infections are on the rise.

According to Premier Alan Winde, a resurgence in COVID cases and hospitalisations have been observed in the Western Cape. The resurgence is determined by the fact that Covid cases are increasing each week, surpassing 20% active cases, IOL reports.

According to Winde, the amount of Covid cases recorded has spiked to 52.1%. He adds that the situation should not be taken lightly as things could worsen very quickly, not to mention, the impact on the economy, which, the economy would not survive the second time around.

A special team to meet on 27 November to explore list of recommendations drawn up by health department.

Furthermore, Dr Keith Cloete, who is the department head of health of the Western Cape, states that the department has drawn up a list of recommendations to the provincial cabinet about possible restrictive rules to implement in the Western Cape.

He adds that a special team will meet on Friday, 27 November to explore the restrictions that will be set in place and when these restrictions will take effect, SA News Chant reports.

Cloete goes on to say that the restrictions are vital at this point – there has also been an  increase in infection rate amongst healthcare workers.

In the meantime Winde urges the public, businesses and organisations to report violations of COVID-19 safety protocols so immediate action can be taken.

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