Wheelchair-bound man shot and killed in brutal attack in Ravensmead

Picture: Ravenpoffbuks Classe, Facebook

On Sunday 20 December, Raven Classe, a paraplegic man bound to his wheelchair while sitting outside his home, in Ravensmead, was shot and killed in coldblood.

Yesterday The Daily Voice reported that Classe was sitting outside his Ravensmead home chatting to his dad when two men walked up to him and started firing shots.

Classe’s father, Johannes Fortuin told the publication, “Two guys came and they shot at him, they didn’t say anything to him, just opened fire and then ran down the road and kept randomly shooting.” He added that the men took turns to shoot his son.

Also speaking to the Daily Voice, Priscilla Classe, the victim’s distraught mother said that Raven had lost his legs due to gangrene last year. Classe said that he was content with being bound to his wheelchair. She added that he was not a gangster and they have no idea why he was attacked.

She was not outside when the incident occurred but watched as it happened through a window. She said: “I heard the first shot and when I looked out I saw my son’s head all bloody. He stopped moving and I knew I lost my son.”

“My son always wore a smile on his face and that is one thing we will never forget,” said the heartbroken mother.

Captain FC van Wyk police spokesman confirmed the incident and said that the Ravensmead police are investigating a case of murder.