What’s your take on Cape independence?

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VK News asked the public via social media their thoughts on the hypothetical split from the rest of South Africa and over 11 500 social media users participated in the poll.

“Sounds the call to come together / And united we shall stand / Let us live and strive for freedom / In South Africa our land.” These last four lines of South Africa’s national anthem talk about unity and freedom for the nation . . .

But now, most people – that being those from the Western Cape – are wanting their own separate freedom.

Talks of having an independent Cape has been going on for quite some time.

A surprising 78% of the participants were for Cape independence while 22% said “Nee. No. Hayi.”

A few participants also shared their reasons for their decision.

  • “I’m from the Cape. I love the Cape and I wish I could live there! But it will never survive without the economic capital. People with big bucks come to Cape Town to slow down, not make even bigger bucks. The poor would suffer even more without what (as little as it is) they currently get from national funds.”
  • “It is possible, but it won’t be easy. Not at all. And it requires a change to the constitution, for one.”
  • “If that comes to pass, it has huge implications for the country’s stability, the economy and [many] more things that could drastically alter life as it is.”
  • “Honestly I’m like 50/50 on this. I love being South African, but as a Cape Kullid, it isn’t always great being South African; simply because other people prefer to label us and outcast us but we too outcast ourselves as South Africans. I think that’s out of lived experience and because we constantly need to be reminded [that we] aren’t black or we want to be white. So we [are] stuck in this divide. I feel like as South Africans and Cape Kullids/Capetonians we need an open discussion as a people, maybe then many Capetonians wouldn’t feel so isolated from the rest of the country.”

Another user – who clearly voted against the hypothetical split – summed up their thoughts in just three words, “Sies. That’s Apartheid.”

My fellow South Africans… What are your thoughts? If such a day comes, would you be for or against Cape independence?


  1. I am all for an Independent Western Cape. Those folks saying “no, nee, hayi and sies apartheid” are probably not even originally from Cape Town. The is nothing wrong with moving towards Federal Governance. Frankly I feel that we are able to sustain ourselves and improve our province when there is no interference from national government. We have sufficient resources – agriculture, tourism, fishing industry – and we are then able to free ourselves from the darkness that is Eskom and the ANC looters stealing tax payers money!

  2. I think it is the best move, because South Africa has never reached it’s full potential under Apartheid and it has been bankrupted under this ANC so badly that it will never reach it’s full potential. There is no future for minorities so the best is that we split and look after those who are willing to live a law abiding, productive life.

  3. Western Cape Independence is the ONLY solution to safe the Western Cape economically. Anybody that calls it another “volkstast” or pie-in-the-sky is ilinformed or saying so on purpose with a hidden agenda. Based on the Seisd Canton system and implementing the TEAL tax system, the new country can be a shining investment haven… we have NO CHOICE !!!

  4. The people that are against CI are either A. misinformed or B. they don’t even reside in the Cape. Some are calling it another “Apartheid” or that the new Cape Republic will not be able to stand on it’s own two feet (economically).

    Firstly, let’s look at some facts;

    1. There are only two province’s in South Africa that are net contributors towards SA’s annual fiscus, that being Gauteng and Western Cape.

    2. The WC produces 13.9% of SA’s GDP, but in return it is only allocated 10.1% of the provincial budget.

    3. The WC contributes between R185 billion to R240 billion annually, but is only allocated a mere R45 billion to R55 billion of that said amount. Can you just think for a sec what we could achieve with that surplus that is being mismanaged and looted by the ANC. We could build schools, hospitals, housing, etc and still be able to reduce taxes.

    4. The GDP of WC is the size of Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe combined and with only half the population of the latter.

    I do believe that CI is viable and I support it. The Cape could easily become the Singapore of Africa under proper governance, not happening under this current cANCer for a government we call ANC. They are holding us back of reaching our full potential with these BEE and policies that exclude certain people based on the colour of their skin.

    Lastly, ask yourself this very simple question – Do I really believe that the ANC will be voted out of power? It wouldn’t be far fetched to assume that the EFF would go into a coalition with the ANC come 2024, I mean why else did Malema meet with Zuma.

    Tea anyone?

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