[WATCH] SAPS investigates a viral video of police brutality in Worcester

Picture: @SAPoliceService, Facebook

The Western Cape South African Police Services (SAPS) launched an investigation on Tuesday, probing a video circulating on social media depicting two officers assaulting two unidentified males.

In the video one officer appears to be beating up one man with a sjambok while the other police officer appears to be searching and slapping the other man.

The investigation will be lead by Major General Monthetheleli Mene. He has stated that preliminary findings into the matter revealed that the incident occurred near an industrial area in Worcester on Monday, 18 January 2021.

Mene also noted that the police vehicle seen in the video belonged to Ceres Police Station, however, was being utilised by a police unit in Worcester. In addition, the identities of the two individuals seen in the video is still unclear.

Police spokesperson, Brigadier Potelwa states that further investigation into the matter is expected to shed light on what happened prior to the recording.

SAPS has also stated on record that “beating up and manhandling of individuals and/or suspects is against departmental directives and prescripts that govern the handling of persons by police officials.”

In addition, the statement explained that “the use of a sjambok by police officials is not only forbidden but unlawful”.

“A plea is hereby made for space to be given for the sanctioned investigation to unfold and be finalised soon. Speculation about what actually happened, including the disclosure of names of the police officials involved would, at this stage of the investigation be detrimental to the probe that is underway,” concludes Potelwa.

SAPS has urged to be given space for the investigation to unfold.

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