[WATCH] Gang violence breaks out after killing of alleged gang boss

Picture: Pixabay.com

There was unrest in the Kraaifontein community following the shooting and killing of the alleged gang boss, William “Red” Stevens at his home last night.

A statement made by the Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz stated that Stevens (66) was killed at approximately 18:35 last night.

The statement further read that Stevens, along with Mark Lifman and Jerome “Donkie” Booysen were alleged suspects in the murder of international steroid smuggler, Brian Wainstein, who was killed in August 2017.

They were arrested in December last year and at the time of his shooting Stevens was out on bail for R100 000.

Fritz is now calling for calm in the area, particularly Scottsville.

“Upon hearing of Mr Stevens’ death, my Department immediately contacted the SAPS’ provincial joints committee to understand their response to maintain calm in the area. We cannot allow our communities to become places of instability or violence,” he stated.

Fritz’s spokesperson, Cayla Ann Tomás Murray noted that SAPS in the Western Cape have advised that the circumstances surrounding the death of Stevens are being investigated.

However, it is known that three unknown suspects fled the scene of the crime and are yet to be arrested.

“The investigation into this shooting is underway,” informed Fritz.

VK News contacted Kraaifontein SAPS for information about the shooting. No response was given.