Unarmed father allegedly shot by police while fetching daughters from a get-together

Picture: Pixabay.com

Father of three and armed response officer Marlin Muller (38) was allegedly shot and killed by police on Saturday. This after fetching his daughters from a gathering taking place near their Hanover Park home, says the Daily Voice.

According to the publication, Muller went out to tell his two daughters – who were at a playground at Cascade Court – that it was getting late and that they needed to go inside. At this time, police officers arrived and instructed the residents to lie on the ground.

“Police arrived and asked that we get down. Before we could do that, they fired a shot.

“We wondered if the bullet was fired in the air, but we saw him [Muller] falling and we started crying,” said witness Katelynn Fourie to the publication.

“They killed him senselessly,” said Muller’s wife Sharon. “He had just stepped out when I heard the shot.”

Sharon also stated that Muller was taken to hospital in a bakkie, as the police had allegedly not called an ambulance after the shots were fired. They instead began pepper-spraying the residents.

Tameeka – Muller’s daughter – told the publication that after picking up a bullet casing, police fought her for it and in the process allegedly twisted her arm. “They pepper-sprayed me so that I can let go, my arm was hurt in the process.”

“They lied and said they fired a rubber bullet, but we know it was live ammunition that they used,” said Tameeka.

The publication states that the police referred them to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid). However, they did not respond to queries.