Twiede Niewe Jaa postponed to June

Picture: @kaapseklopsekarnivalasosiasie, Facebook

The Twiede Niewe Jaa celebrations have been postponed for safety reasons. Muneeb Gambino, one of the Directors of The Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association, said that the celebration will tentatively be postponed to the 16th of June 2021.

“This event attracts in excess of 80 000 people annually and we simply can’t afford to host a mass gathering of this nature and by doing so have a super-spreader event. We understand that the Klopse and the 2de Nuwe Jaar event is of immense importance to the people of the Western Cape and South Africa and this decision wasn’t easy, but the priority is the health and welfare of our people,” Gambino said in a report by SABC News.

Speaking to Voice of the Cape News this morning, he explained that in addition to the current Covid situation, the uncertainty around the possible reimplementation of level 3 lockdown restrictions was a big deciding factor to postpone the event.

The funds allotted to the organising of the event will sit in waiting until June.

JP Smith, Cape Town’s Safety and Security Directorate said due to the national regulations and its restrictions on gatherings, permits could not be granted to minstrel groups.

The parade has been entrenched in Cape Town’s Cape Malay culture for more than 110 years. The first formal carnival took place in 1907 at Green Point Track.