Technology used at Karl Bremer Hospital helps bring patients and loved ones together


It’s no secret that due to the pandemic, hospital visits are not permitted to limit the transmission of Covid-19. Thankfully, Karl Bremer Hospital is using technology to connect patients to their loved ones.

According to Shimoney Regter, the Communications Officer for the Department of Health, the hospital has rolled out the use of tablets to allow patients to connect with their loved ones through video calls.

Picture: @westerncapegov, Twitter

Assistant nursing manager Denise Barnes further explained the use of these tablets saying, “Mobile telephones are being utilised in our wards, however, the challenge arises when the patient is in the back of the unit as the distance is too far from the nurses’ station to establish [a] signal.

“The tablet has given the patient the opportunity to speak to and see their loved ones without any obstacles and, by doing so, there has been an optimistic response from both sides.”

Barnes added that thanks to the technology used, communication amongst the hospital team has greatly improved too, especially during the pandemic.

“When taking into account the visiting policy under the current regulations, not only does it protect the patient, but their loved ones too,” stated the nursing manager, who also hopes that implementing the use of tablets will alleviate anxiety and uncertainty for patients and their loved ones.

“The use of tablets within our wards has ensured continuous communication between the patient and their family at home, as being away from home and unable to see your loved ones tends to have a toll on the overall recovery of a patient, which ultimately leads to a negative bed flow within our busy units.”

“It has definitely been a rewarding feeling to see how thankful our patients and their relatives are, and we remain hopeful that the circumstances we are living in will change in the nearby future,” concluded Barnes.