Tazne’s Body Found in Stormwater Pipe Outside Worcester


According to a media statement sent by the SAPS on Thursday morning, Tazne van Wyk’s body was discovered in a stormwater pipe outside Worcester on Wednesday evening, which was pointed out by the suspect (54).

Tazne van Wyk disappeared about two weeks ago. After an extensive investigation led by the Western Cape FCS detectives, they found the suspect in Cradock. He appeared in court on Tuesday, 18 February, in Cradock on a charge of kidnapping.

He will be charged with charges of murder and is expected to appear in the Goodwood Magistrate’s Court on Friday, 21 February.

“As the investigation unfolds, the possibility of the suspect facing additional charges cannot be ruled out.”

Lt General Yolisa Matakata, Western Cape Provincial Commissioner, acknowledged the diligence of the detective team along with the search parties.

She added, “In a province that is notorious for crimes against women and children, we reiterate our resolve to ensure the perpetrators of these heinous acts are brought to book in order to face the full might of the law.” The parents of Tazne have been informed of the discovery and they are receiving counseling.


  1. The justice system has failed us all again.
    How could the patrol board have seen it fit to release this thing back into society?

  2. The people are not scared of our constitutional law.
    The people are very senseless . We r not different from Animals now.
    Brutal killling in our society.

  3. Their resolve means nothing to the parents that lost a child.
    The full might of the law is a reactive plaster on a sore that will never heal.
    These criminals are allowed to walk free and take away the freedom of others.
    Good on you for finding him and bringing closure to the parents, but when innocence is lost, you’ve lost the war.

  4. What I cannot bring myself (a mother of a sweet and innocent 5year old girl) to understand is why he was out of jail, I cannot believe it at ALL!!!! It boggles my freaking mind, I can’t comprehend it. Justice system… What justice system?????😠😠😠😠
    Kill a criminal in self defense you’re portrayed as the criminal and he is the victim.
    These murdering monsters kill and get released to do what? Kill again. What justice system?
    Dan praat hulle n klomp kak by die #SONA
    State of the nation is it’s a freaking tragedy!!!!!!

  5. This is not on! Our poor children are suffering every day due to pigs like this! They need to be hanged or get life… but first be castrated! That is my opinion! PIG!!!

  6. Who has made the decision and based on whst grounds to release this person back into society.
    Please hold these individuals accountable.
    If it is proven that he is guilty.
    This is not the first we have come across this situation.
    Please put your foot down with these senseless murderers.
    Then the taxpayer still end up feeding these animals.
    I cannot comprehend in fact will never.

  7. As a young teenager girl, it scares me to live in the society i do. As a young girl I’ve witnessed horrendous acts being done to other young females ,and the worst part is nothing gets done about it. The people out here performing these horrendous acts towards innocent young girls should be punished accordingly. Those who take lives away don’t deserve life themselves.

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