Sober Q&A with Bernie Fabing to celebrate the launch of VK wine

Photographer: Dale Sylvester

The news you’ve been waiting for is finally here: Vannie Kaap has officially launched its first wine. If you have been an avid follower of VK’s Instagram stories, you would have seen Bernie Fabing’s tipsy Q&A sessions. So, to celebrate the launch of VK’s first wine, here are 5 questions he had to answer sober:

  1. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done sober?

That day I was standing in the yard when I suddenly remembered that I forgot about the pizza in the oven. So, I ran so fast into what I expected to be a burning kitchen that I tripped and fell hard on my face. And as I reached to switch off the oven, I realised that I’d never switched it on in the first place. #truestory

  1. If you could invite three well-known personalities over for cheese and wine – who would it be and why?

Claire Mawisa, Patric Mellet and Gary Vee. One is my celeb crush, the other is the historian that impacted me more than most and the other one made entrepreneurship lekke again.

  1. If you could drunk dial ANYONE who would it be?

Queen Elizabeth.

“Ouma Lizzy, wat het julle met Diana gedoen?”

  1. Do you have a favourite drinking game?

Bernie’s Instagram Q&A mos!

  1. How did you choose the name for VK’s first wine?

We’re a community brand, which means we actually care about what our audience thinks. So, we decided to do a market survey with VK Ambassadors, and it was almost unanimous.

Net Liggies in time for festive season

Today, is the first time that a social brand from the Cape Flats launches a wine range. Net Liggies is a chenin blanc produced from the white wine grape variety in the Tulbagh region. This wine has an appealing dry taste with refreshing fruity undertones, making it the perfect white wine for summer.

Net Liggies has been put through rigorous testing and received rave reviews from wine industry experts – and everyone who’s ever tasted it. So you should taste it too, before it’s sold out.

VK Wine Club and VK membership

Net Liggies will be sold exclusively via the VK Wine Club available to all VK Members (free or paid members). You can check out the available membership packages here.