Second robbery at Retreat Community Health Centre in less than a month


Three suspects are sought for their involvement in the robbery that took place at the Retreat Community Health Centre (CHC) over the weekend. This is the second attack to occur at the centre in less than a month after security guards were robbed on Christmas Day.

The police’s Colonel Andrè Traut says, “A robbery is under investigation by Steenberg police following an incident on Sunday, 17 January 2020 at around 00:08 in 11th Avenue Cafda Village, Steenberg. The victim and his wife were robbed of three cellular telephones and cash by three suspects who are yet to be arrested.”

The Western Cape Government’s Health Department says that they are concerned about the psychological trauma and strain the attack adds to their staff members, who are already facing the pressure of the second wave of Covid-19 infections.

Chairperson of the Retreat CHC Health Committee, Henry Moses, says that they are disappointed that the clinic has been robbed for a second time and that the community should rally together to show no-tolerance for these attacks. Mark Solomons from the Retreat Steenberg Civic Association says that they are in the process of partnering with the Retreat CHC in tightening security and has reached out to community members to assist.

The Department of Community Safety says that it has implemented stricter security measures including the deployment of its Security Support Team, arranging for an on-site risk assessment, meeting with the facility’s security and arranging for regular patrols around the area with police and law enforcement officials.

The Department further recommends a new security plan for the facility.

Emergency services at the Retreat CHC are now fully operational.


  1. It sounds to me that lawlessness in impoverished areas across the Cape Flats, Northern and Southern suburbs are out of control, disturbingly exposing the inefficiency of the WC police force and more alarming, the National policing of a regime who is happy to water canon the elderly and infirm queuing for their rightful disability grants!

    Where is the outrage? Where are our local leaders? What the hell is the DA govt in the WC doing to improve lives? Still enriching their own affluent, ultra rich areas stolen from the first nation of the Cape? The same apartheid dividing lines still exist, the same Apartheid hovels and schools still exist! What has actually changed? Our schools are now bursting with 65+ pupils in a classroom! Why are the Cape Flats and the townships still suffering the same problems??? Are we not shouting loud enough? Jirre, skrik wakke mense!

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