Responsible celebrations without loadshedding this New Years Eve


As the world rings in the new year the City of Cape Town has appealed to residents and visitors to stay off the roads, stay away from crowds and to drink responsibly, or risk starting the new year in a jail cell.

In a statement, the City’s management said the combination of a massive COVID-19 resurgence and stricter lockdown regulations are cause for far greater vigilance this year.

The City’s MayCo member for Safety and Security, JP Smith, said maximum resources will be used to help the public see in the new year in a safe and responsible manner.

He added: “We have had to shelve many of our traditions this year, for our own safety and that of our loved ones. It is a small price to pay when one considers the devastation that the virus has wrought on so many families in our country. I appeal to our residents and visitors to continue doing their bit to mitigate the risk of infection and transmission during this crucial period. Together we can flatten the curve, reduce the immense pressure on our health system and ensure the path to recovery for our city and our country.”

Public is reminded to keep their New Year’s celebrations low key

Smith said the City’s festive season operational plans have been amended in line with the adjusted alert level.

“The public is reminded to adhere to the regulations, as well as the health and safety protocols and to keep their New Year’s celebrations low key,” he said.

Smith warned that continued non-compliance will be punished with the issuing of fines.
“We cannot turn a blind eye to transgressions like drunk driving or reckless and negligent driving or behaviour. While there is a prohibition on the sale and transportation of alcohol, it is naïve to think that there is no alcohol being consumed anywhere. So our appeal is to stay off the roads, stay away from crowds and to drink responsibly, or risk starting the new year in a jail cell,” Smith added.

Meanwhile, Eskom has informed the public that loadshedding has been suspended as the demand for electricity has dropped ahead of New Year’s Eve and the long weekend.

In a statement released on its website, the power utility requested that the people of South Africa continue using electricity sparingly as the system is unstable.


  1. In France, the curfew after the second lockdown is from 8pm-6am. There are exceptions but with an official form.

    This virus only survives due to citizens flouting the rules and killing others by not wearing masks or gathering like nothing is happening! #stoppit You are KILLING human beings by ignoring covid health advice, no matter what your situation or personal circumstances are!

    Hospital beds are getting less! Numbers of Covid are rising! #stayhome #wearmasks #stopbeingselfish #moeniemybefokmakie

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