Ravensmead family waits almost a month for police to investigate fatal assault

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Hilton Pieterse (37) from Ravensmead, was brutally attacked and murdered on 16 December. Almost a month later – after receiving public attention – police have finally started their investigation into the murder.

Nosey Pieterse, the victim’s uncle, took to Facebook last week Thursday to share the news of his nephew’s death and how police had not yet visited the crime scene.

“My nephew Hilton Pieterse was brutally murdered about three weeks ago. The police did not visit my family yet. The murder weapon is still on the crime scene and the crime scene has been seriously compromised.”

Nosey also shared that he lost another nephew a few years ago and has still not received any communication from the police. “Seems to me that Ravensmead has become the capital crime city in Western Cape. It is time that the leadership of the police station in Ravensmead is given a rude wake-up call from their permanent hibernation.”

The post was shared numerous times and got the attention of the Community Police Forum (CPF).

Ravensmead CPF Public Relations Officer Zelda Trantraal said in a statement on Sunday that after learning about the case on social media, CPF immediately informed Nosey to contact CPF Secretary, Jack Feris.

“Mr Feris engaged with the uncle and learn[t] that apparently SAPS Ravensmead did not even make a visit to the family or . . . visit the crime scene to collect any evidence which include[ed] a cellphone . . . as well as the murder weapon – a water metre concrete block . . . they did not take any blood samples or fingerprints.”

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CPF then called upon the Station Commander for a report on why an officer had not yet visited the crime scene or family for the past three weeks.

An alleged police report to CPF stated that Hilton was assaulted and taken to hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries a week later. The assault case then turned into a murder case. Given that there were no witnesses, no arrests had been made, said the alleged report.

According to Trantaal’s statement police had also initially gone to the wrong address for collecting evidence and CPF informed them of the correct address.

CPF responded to the “alleged unprofessional investigation,” saying that they were disturbed that the Station Commander reported that Hilton died a week after being taken to hospital.

“According to the CPF, Hilton was assaulted on 16 December and he passed on the next day . . . we regard this ill-informed reporting to the CPF as poor management from SAPS. On all occasions, we [had] to learn through social media and the media on matters.

” . . . we have made a decision at CPF level that [the] SAPS community liaison officer must report daily to the CPF Public Relations Officer on matters that occur when SAPS is on scenes.

“[SAPS] continuously refuse[s] to partner with the CPF on matters. The CPF will escalate this matter to the higher authorities.”

Nosey, in his post, stated that the suspects were known to the family and police. He told VK News that the suspects are allegedly affiliated with gangs. However, Hilton was not a gang member.

“[Hilton was] not a member of any gang. He’s sort of a lone ranger, but also a very ‘no-nonsense’ young man. He wouldn’t take anything from anyone, even if you are a gangster. So, I think that is maybe one of the reasons why they attacked him because he would not allow them to mess with him. He [would] sort of retaliate and tell them what is on his mind. I think it’s more to do with that. I cannot say for sure . . .”

On Tuesday afternoon, according to Nosey, two police members interviewed his nieces, while another two visited the crime scene in Rose Street.

“There’s some movement now after the [post was shared] on social media,” Nosey informed VK News. He added that the ANC in Ravensmead has also gotten involved.


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