Police gatecrash cable thieves’ all-nighter in Voortrekker Road

Picuture: Supplied

On Wednesday morning, Rapid Response Unit officials seemed to have disrupted a cable theft operation during their foot patrols near the cemetery in Voortrekker Road. 

Law Enforcement spokesperson, Wayne Dyason, says that the area is a hotspot for electrical cable theft. At 00:00 during their patrols, the officers heard digging noises coming from the opposite side of the road and proceeded to call for back-up.

After back-up had arrived, the officers found trenches between the lamp poles, with the cable removed. In the surrounding bushes, the officers also discovered a spade, a garden fork, a heavy steel rod and an axe.

“Looking for more evidence, the officers discovered a black haversack with personal belongings including refreshments. The cable thieves were obviously prepared for a long night,” Dyason says.

Picture: Supplied

On the side of the cemetery, officers found that the steel gate/ palisade fencing section was loosened and ready to be taken out. The officers then proceeded to take the gate to a safe location.

No suspects had been found.

“Rampant cable theft is a huge problem and officers will continue disrupting the operations of these individuals who are intent on destroying vital infrastructure for monetary gain,” Dyason says.