Hearse transports body bag stuffed with crayfish tails

Picture: Unsplash.com

A man has been found trying to smuggle crayfish tails to the estimated value of R54 000 inside a body bag.

The crayfish clad body bag was being transported in a hearse. The Voice of the Cape reported that the man has since been charged and arrested.

Western Cape police spokesperson Colonel Andre Traut said, “No less than 5 441 smuggled crayfish tails were found in the back of a hearse in Gordon’s Bay on Thursday.”

It has come to light that the hearse belonged to The Cathkin Islamic Society.

The VOC reported that the islamic society was coaxed into believing that the hearse would be used for the intended purpose. They were approached by someone in the community who pretended that he wanted to help a family in need.

“Not knowing what his intentions were, we handed the keys to him so that he could put the deceased to rest and the family at ease. We express our disappointment and anger towards persons or any individual who uses sacred property, religious symbols or oblivious organisations to commit such wicked and disgraceful acts of crime,” stated the organisation in their statement.

Shaykh Zaid Dantie, from the Muslim Judicial Council, also expressed his disappointment and on behalf of the MJC called upon those from amongst the community who commit crimes whilst using religious symbols as a cover for their crimes to repent.


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