Follow-up: Seven of recaptured Bonnievale crocodiles euthanised


It is reported that seven of the crocodiles who escaped from a Bonnievale breeding farm earlier this week, had to be euthanised on Thursday evening.

Eyewitness News reports that while there is uncertainty regarding the number of crocodiles who escaped, so far twenty-seven has been recaptured.

Another six crocodiles were seen, but they managed to avoid being recaptured.

According to the publication, the organisation says that it was left with little choice but to euthanise seven crocodiles due to the importance of time. It was also important to consider that the crocodiles do not make up the Western Cape’s natural fauna. CapeNature says that the safety of the surrounding community is their priority.

VK News previously reported that CapeNature had set humane trap cages with bait to find the crocodiles. However, their attempts appear to be unsuccessful and they will be forced to deploy night patrol teams to find the nocturnal animals.

Reports also state that an investigation has also been opened to establish whether there was possible non-compliance to the regulations that resulted in the crocodiles escaping.