Follow up: Mitchells Plain social housing project, key allocation and how to apply


VK News preciously reported on the tenanting ceremony held for the housing project in Weltevreden Valley. The key allocation is done in accordance with the City’s allocation policy and the City’s housing needs register.

The housing opportunities are allocated to qualifying beneficiaries. Applicants for social housing are required to be on the Register to ensure fairness is key allocation. Social housing projects offer affordable rental units for families with a combined monthly income of between R1 501 and R15 000.

You are required to register on the City’s housing needs register before you can apply for social housing. After registration, you can contact the City Housing Office to find out if there are social housing programmes in your area.

The general criteria to qualify for social housing, you must be:

  • be over 18;
  • be married or co-habiting;
  • be single with financial dependents who are able to prove they are dependent on you;
  • be a South African citizen or have permanent residency;
  • be legally competent to sign a contract; and
  • have a gross monthly income, with your partner, of between R1 501 – R15 000.

You can also contact the City’s Social Housing Institution (SHI), for instructions on how to apply for social housing opportunities.

There are five main housing opportunities and each has a specific qualifying criteria. For more information, click here.