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Follow up: Legal action on the cards after Cele orders film crew to stop shooting at Camps Bay Beach



News24 reports that the City of Cape Town has plans to possibly take Police Minister Bheki Cele to court after he commanded a film crew to stop shooting their commercial at Camps Bay Beach.

As reported today, Cele and SAPS patrolled a few beaches in Cape Town.

A part of the film crew entourage was MayCo member for safety and security JP Smith.

“This flies in the face of the COVID-19 regulations by having an extra activity on the beach, which the president and the regulations say cannot happen,” said Cele to Smith.

“I am happy to take this up with the filming officer,” said Smith to Cele. “Our head of filming assured me that this is within regulations.”

According to the publication, Smith had also stated that further permission was granted by the City.

Although the above-mentioned was stated to Cele, the minister refused to believe it. “This cannot continue . . . we are shutting this down. You know you are breaking the law and you know that regulations do not allow this.”

After the incident occurred, a statement was later issued by Smith.

“Shutting down the film production without proper cause is an illegal action and it goes against the current national state of disaster regulations, which allow the film industry to continue working.

“I am concerned about the autocratic manner in which the minister behaved. It is concerning that a political office bearer appears to be issuing unlawful instructions to operating staff where SAPS officers continued to execute this unlawful behaviour.”

The statement also said that the commercial was authorised by the City’s film by-law office.

Smith said that filming should not be “misconstrued as a recreational activity,” reports the publication.

Cele had also released a statement.

“According to the permit of the production company that was handed to the SAPS, the production would go against the very rules set out by the president which are clear on what is permitted on beaches and therefore could not be allowed to continue for now.”

Jade Rhode
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