Follow up: Ethan Palagangwe officially started his first week at Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School

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The talented Ethan Palagangwe, a 10-year-old singer from Eastridge, Mitchells Plain has officially started at Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School. 

Last November, VK News shared the story of the talented 10-year-old and his family’s plight for the public’s assistance. The family needed R10 000 to cover Ethan’s acceptance fee before 15 November 2020.

The journey to Drakensberg

Thanks to donations, Ethan is now at the school and ready to learn. However, due to the government postponing the start of the school year, the family’s journey to the school was not what they had hoped.

“We travelled from Cape Town on the dates agreed upon [16 and 17 January] to drop him… for his orientation which never took place…” said Ethan’s mother Candice to VK News.

“[W]e had to return back with him despite the travelling expenses and booking of [the] accommodation for the two days we were there which cost us a lot of money . . .”

Upon arrival, the headmaster of the school, Mr Greg Brooks and the Head of Academics explained to the family that the occurrence was beyond their control.

“We returned home safely and it was announced that the school will reopen on the 1st of February 2021 – meaning we [had] to make arrangements to get him to school on Saturday the 30th to settle in . . .”

The family then booked a flight from Cape Town to Durban and hired a vehicle to drive to Drakensberg. “The following morning Ethan dressed in his full school uniform – the No 1s which was compulsory for [him] to wear on the 30th . . . [it] was a great honour for him,” said Candice.

Picture: Supplied

More than just talented!

Ethan’s talent was first realised a few years ago, explained Candice. “He loves singing for family and friends. As his mom, I say that music is in our blood.

“He comes from a musical family. I noticed he [had] a beautiful voice and started training him.”

Candice also told VK News that the eldest of three has been doing exceptionally well since attending his Google Classroom and Zoom meetings which started on 20 January.

“He obtained 92% for his first music theory assignment,” Candice stated. “For a child who has never done music studies before, we are so proud of him. He’s also been excelling in math quizzes with 100% marks.”

The proud mom also described her son as an athlete that is dearly loved by his community and family. “He… has made his previous school proud by excelling every year academically [and] winning gold medals in athletics every year.”

How you can help Ethan

The family now needs to raise at least R175 000 for Ethan’s tuition fees (R160 000) and uniform fees (R15 000).

“I am a singer and with the easing of the lockdown, hopefully, I will be able to raise more funds [by] singing [at] events and concerts in aid of my son’s tuition,” said Candice.

They are also raising funds by running a BackaBuddy campaign.

“Reaching the target [means] Ethan will be able to attend the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir and follow his dream to be a singer,” said Ethan’s father Kagisho.