Follow up: Autopsy result indicates Barrydale hiker was murdered


On Thursday police reported that the preliminary result of an autopsy indicates that the hiker found along a Barrydale trail was murdered and died because of loss of blood. 

VK News previously reported that the body of 66-year-old Erna Gericke was found at the Waterfall Hiking Trail in the early hours of Monday morning after being reported missing on Sunday.

While police initially did not suspect any foul play, the autopsy revealed that a wound she had sustained to her hand and forearm was likely caused by a heavy calibre rifle and died due to the loss of blood.

“Based on these findings, detectives at Barrydale expanded their investigation which led to the recovery of the firearm, a 303 rifle, that was allegedly used to attack and shoot the deceased with,” reported Captain Malcom Pojie.

Two suspects were arrested on charges of theft of a motor vehicle belonging to Gericke after one of the suspects had the car’s spare key in their possession.

Pojie says that the suspects will now face an additional charge of murder and was expected to make another appearance in the Barrydale Magistrate’s Court.

Police say that the suspects could face additional charges, including house robbery and the illegal possession of firearms and ammunition and that they are considering all possibilities.