Delft couple’s argument has fatal end

Picture: Yanga Sidimba, Facebook

It is alleged that 22-year-old Annita Bolani doused herself and her boyfriend in paint thinners before setting them alight. Bolani succumbed to the burn wounds.

According to The Daily Voice, the Delft couple argued on the eve of Boxing day. The boyfriend, Yanga Sidimba’s 24-year-old niece, Zizipho Mapundu told the publication that the couple spent the night drinking with friends.

She said that Annita was drunk but Yanga was of sober mind. A fight ensued when they returned to their shack which is in the backyard of Yanga’s mother’s home. She said they were shocked when the two emerged from the shack engulfed in flames.

She added, “When we opened, we saw Annita sitting by the door and she was no longer screaming.

“And my uncle [Sidimba] was shouting ‘Why did you have to do this Annita?’ When he said that we knew that she was the one who started the fire.

“Yanga rolled himself on the sand to put the fire out, and community members poured water on Annita.”

Both Yanga and Annita were transferred to the Delft Day Hospital and later to Tygerberg Hospital. Sadly Annita died on Monday while Yanga is still fighting to survive.

According to a separate report by Opera News, Yanga’s version of events claims that the couple were smoking when Annita dropped the coals which fell on the acid, and this then led to the fire.

However, the report goes on to say that the Bolani family is not convinced that this is the truth. They believe that Yanga had been harassing Annita prior to the incident.

The two were dating for four years at the time of the tragic incident and did not have any children.

According to the Daily Voice, police have yet to comment.