Cape Coloured Congress aims to end gang violence


The Cape Coloured Congress (CCC) has started a campaign to end gang violence by bringing all rival gangs on the Cape Flats together in an effort to foster peace talks.

CCC leader Fadiel Adams spoke to various media outlets this week amid concerns that gang violence will increase during the festive season.

Speaking to Voice Of The Cape radio station, Adams said government has made no real efforts to deal with gangsterism and drugs.

He said CCC aims to curb violence on the Cape Flats by initiating peace between rival gangs.

“The ultimate objective is to get all parties around the one table and make lasting peace and nothing else, a reality in 2021. These efforts cannot simply become another talk shop. We need to come up with lasting and tangible solutions to the gang and drug problem in our communities. We need to approach this issue with some degree of sincerity and a willingness to finally put an end to this other pandemic, which has been a plague for many decades,” Adams said.

In a Cape Argus report, Adams was quoted as saying: “We are seeing one gang per day. The talks are intensive and exhausting. Four Mitchells Plain gangs have indicated they would attend the ceasefire meeting, with more from the Cape Flats intended to come on board.”

He said CCC will offer young gangsters alternatives such as work, skills development and entrepreneurial training. CCC is to act as a mediator in gang disputes, but a date for the ceasefire meeting has not yet been set.

Earlier this year, Adams went on a hunger strike outside of parliament in an attempt to get President Ramaphosa to take action against gang violence.