Assistance from community leads to arrest of alleged Bonteheuwel teen gangster

Picture: @SAPoliceService, Twitter

A 17-year-old known gang member from Bonteheuwel was arrested early Friday morning, thanks to the assistance of community members who are fed up with gangsters controlling the suburb.

The accused is a member of a local gang that terrorises community members in the area, said Captain FC Van Wyk.

The captain also explained how the suspect was caught. “Bishop Lavis SAPS members received information from a reliable source, of drug activities at a premises . . . in Bonteheuwel.

“Upon arrival at the address, the members approached an abandoned Wendy house, where they noticed one male person. When the male person saw the members, he fled with members in pursuit.”

Once caught, police found 41 sachets filled with methamphetamine, 31 mandrax tablets and 14 bankies dagga in the accused’s possession.

Picture: Supplied

“The juvenile is currently [being] transported to Goodwood Court where he will undergo a formal assessment before he is brought before the Magistrate Court in Bishop Lavis on charges of illegal possession of drugs,” informed Van Wyk.

Bishop Lavis man arrested for possession of drugs

In an unrelated matter, Bishop Lavis community members informed police in their area that a consignment of drugs was being delivered to a house in the area on Thursday, stated Van Wyk.

A 47-year-old man was then arrested for possession of drugs.

“[Bishop Lavis SAPS] responded to the information and approached the known drug outlet in the precinct,” said Van Wyk. “Upon entering the address, they proceeded to a Wendy house and searched the premises.

“One packet of cigarettes containing 34 sachets of Methamphetamine was confiscated.”

The man will appear in the Bishop Lavis Magistrate Court on Friday.